Interestingly enough I felt better this morning when I got up. Spent a lot of last night trying to come up with a title for an inspirational romantic suspense about an ex-black ops guy who wants to put his past behind him and settle down in a small town but can’t because someone blames him for the death of a team member and kidnaps the new love in his life.

Today is also Adoption Day – the Boy became legally ours five years ago today.

We went to see the psychologist about his ADHD assessment and she said he doesn’t have ADHD; he has some language processing problems. We aren’t sure if his hearing is involved, but he had some limited hearing a year or so ago before had tubes put in and she thinks possibly that put him behind.

We’re going to have him see an audiologist and a language therapist. AND if he needs to, we will have him attend a different school as the one he’s in now is very tough and they move quickly through concepts. She says he’s just not getting some things.

Back to me, I don’t want to keep thinking about how terrible I’m going to feel soon because I don’t want to psych myself out about this and maybe make myself feel worse, but I want to be realistic that I am going to feel terrible soon.

Didn’t bake any bread today. Possibly later.