Edited Steampunk Mama

When Nancy was in sixth grade, her English teacher told the class to write a descriptive essay. Nancy wrote a fantastical description of a gem fill cavern. From that experience, she learned three things:
1. The difference between “stalactite” and “stalagmite,”
2. Never to end a story with “and it was all a dream,”
3. Writing is fun!
She also should have figured out that epic fantasy was her favorite genre, but that took a couple of decades to work out.

From that day until she left school, she walked into every English class hoping the teacher/professor would want them to write something.

Nancy is a stay-at-home mom and full-time writer/editor for a small epublisher. She is an Army veteran, kidney transplant recipient and cancer survivor, as well as a long time member of Weight Watchers. Her hobbies include many kinds of needlework, digital scrapbooking and reading. She likes to say she “lives” on Facebook.