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Lucie Ulrich took her time becoming a writer. Not much of a reader as a child, writing was of no interest to her–until she joined a church drama team. The desire to write a skit, and not simply act out someone else’s was so strong, that once she started, she couldn’t seem to stop. That first skit led to her becoming the drama team director, then eventually, the performing arts director at a small Christian school.

Lucie’s first novel was penned under a tree in a field in Holland. Though her first, second, and third attempts never saw the light of day, parts of each of them became the foundation for “Broken Vessels,” her first published work.

No longer involved with the performing arts, Lucie enjoys going on photo shoots with her husband, and taking long (or short) road trips. She hopes to find inspiration as she and her husband explore the four corners of the United States.

Lucie was nice enough to answer my crazy interview questions.

Top five favorite movies or books:

(in no particular order) Rebecca, Phantom of the Opera, While You Were Sleeping, North by Northwest, Les Miserable

In 5 words, please describe your “Romance Writing Style.

Clean, inspirational, strong family dynamics.

What is your “girlie girl” thing? I.e. getting your hair done? Nails? Shopping? Gossiping? Chick flicks?

I’m not really a girly girl, but I do enjoy a good chick flick.

This or That:
~ Wine or Beer?
– Wine
~ Sex in the City or Caroline in the City? – Neither
~ Perfume or Jewelry? – Jewelry
~ Painted nails or Au Natural? – Au Natural
~ Tall or Dark or Handsome? – Tall, hubby is a foot taller than I am.
~ Romantic Dinner at Home or Out? – Home
~ Roses or Lilies?—Roses, never liked lilies
~ Diamond or Emeralds?—Emeralds
~ Pirates or Ninjas? – neither

Do your leading men come from any place in particular? Dreams? Movie stars? Your partner? Past partners?

Strictly from my imagination.

If your sweetheart wanted to sweep you off your feet, what would they need to do??

My sweetheart wins my heart every time he helps me do something for my aging father.

Do you ever daydream about people you see at the park? Airport? Train station? Mall? And build romance scenes around them while you daydream?

I like to people watch, but I seldom build stories around the people I see. Not sure what that says about me. lol!

What do you do in your down time?

My husband and I enjoy road trips—long or short. I love to read, and spend as much time with my family as I can.

When you go to Starbucks or Jamba Juice, what do you order?

I don’t go to either. I’m happy with an ice cold Diet Coke.

When you walk into a book store, where do you head first?

The bargain bin.

If we sneaked a peek in your purse right now, what would we find?

Wallet, small makeup bag, chewing gum, clip-on sunglasses, pen and small pad, and a travel packet of Kleenex.

In 4 words, describe yourself.

Determined, dedicated, caring, quiet

Top ten snacks while writing:

nuts, sesame sticks, cheese, apple slices, popcorn, chips, Skinny Cow chocolate treats, Goldfish crackers—not all at once, and not all the time.

Thanks, Lucie! Let’s hear about your new book, The Rose Ring.



With a will that reads like a piece of fiction, the return of his long-lost brother, and the possibility of losing the family ranch, Micah Cooper calls on high school friend, Sky Baxter, to bail him out of a bad situation.

Though her brain tells her no, Sky’s heart says yes. She accepts Micah’s in-name-only proposal, knowing it’s unlikely anything permanent will come of it. She’s been in love with him since the ninth grade, and if he hasn’t figured it out by now, there’s little chance he ever will.

When an unexpected kiss ignites a spark, giving Micah hope for a possible future with Sky, a tragic accident threatens to take it all away. Torn between following his heart, doing the right thing, and forgiving the past, Micah is lost in a whirlwind of pain and emotions. Will he make it through the next two years, or will a long-kept family secret be the undoing of them all?


Micah took Sky’s hand and they hurried across the street, stopping in front of the double wooden doors. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a shiny gold ring. “Here, it’s a bit big for me, but it’ll do for today.”
She held out her hand and he dropped it into her palm. They’d gone shopping a few days ago and he’d bought her a thin gold band, but not one for himself. The fact that he only planned on wearing the ring for the ceremony solidified her in-name-only status. “Your dad’s?”
He nodded.
Sky fingered the ring. “Other than this nick, it looks brand new.”
“That nick nearly cost Dad his finger. He got it hooked on a piece of farm
equipment shortly after he and Mom married. He made Noah and me swear never to wear any jewelry while working.”
“Did he ever wear it again?”
“And your mom didn’t mind?”
“Not that I was aware of. Then again, I was just a kid.”
At least she’d have a good excuse for why her husband didn’t wear a wedding band. She, on the other hand, would wear hers proudly. He might be a lug, but for the next two years he’d be her lug. “We’d better go. Don’t want to keep the judge waiting.”
The judge’s secretary ushered them into the office. His Honor stood when they entered and greeted them with a firm hand and warm smile. “Robe or no robe?” he asked.
She looked at Micah. “What do you think?”
He smiled. “Your call.”
“In that case, I vote for the robe.”
While the judge put on his robe, Sky took in her surroundings. The walls were painted standard office-beige, but the large mahogany desk, and photographs of Montana’s mountain ranges and plains that lined the walls added some warmth to the room. What she especially appreciated were the live Ficus trees that flanked the tall window behind the desk. It was no church, but at least it wasn’t the cold, barren room she had envisioned.
The ceremony was short, with only the court clerk and judge’s secretary in attendance. But that didn’t bother Sky. Nothing else mattered at the moment. This was her wedding day, perhaps the only one she would ever have. For that reason alone she chose to absorb every detail and print them on her heart.
Micah stood ramrod still until the judge had him place the ring on her finger. His hand shook a little, but his tender smile was one Sky would forever remember.
Her next memory would be their first kiss. She knew it was purely out of obligation. After all, what would the three people staring at them think if a newly married couple didn’t seal the deal with a kiss?
When Micah leaned in, one side of his mouth lifted in a smile causing her stomach to flip. Assuming the kiss would be short, she was taken by surprise when his warm lips lingered longer than she’d expected. The scent of his spicy cologne tickled her nose. The feel of his hand on her cheek sent her heart rate soaring. She couldn’t even imagine what her reaction would be if he ever kissed her for real.

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