Noah and I were at the grocery store after school today and since we only got a couple of things, we headed toward the express lane. As i approached it, I saw a woman with a basket (those hand carried ones) full of things in one hand. Her other hand was holding onto a little boy who was clearly very grumpy.

They got in line behind me and I heard her say those infamous Mom words, “Look around. You might see something interesting.”

I turned and said, “Oh, if that only worked.” We chatted for a bit about hearing our own parents tell us that on car rides or whatever.

I looked down at the boy and saw that he was wearing the t-shirt from the preschool attached to my son’s school. I asked him if he went there, and he turned his back on me and went behind his mom.

“Unfortunately, when I picked him up this afternoon, he was in the middle of his nap,” she said. I commiserated a bit about Noah’s time in that preschool.

Now the woman ahead of me in line was exchanging something, while I heard Mom tell the little boy that she got the wrong Kraft Mac & Cheese. She’d picked up Ninja Turtles and I guess he wanted How to Train Your Dragon.

When the cashier called for the manager to do the override, I said to Noah, “Can you run back to the mac & cheese aisle and get the How to Train your Dragon stuff?”

The woman said, “Oh, no, you don’t have to.”

I said, “We’re going to have to wait a bit anyway, and it’s no trouble.”

Noah knew exactly what the kid wanted and hurried back. He returned just as we were up to check out. The woman tried to get the little boy to say thank you, but he was still in grump head mode.

Anyway, Noah gets two good boy points from Mom today!!!