Fabric of Faith is a book I wrote a very long time ago (it was published in 2004) while living in Germany.

I have a Google Alert set up for “Nancy S. Brandt,” and this is what I discovered today.

This review was written on 27 March 2014, and clearly the writer is not a native English speaker, but it is very nice review, and it was a nice surprise, especially after my insecurities recently about my writing.

It was on a forum of the Free Dictionary, not a site I know anything about but here’s the URL of the forum – http://forum.thefreedictionary.com/topics71_Literature.aspx

Hello friends, I am Hektor Konomi. I like to read English literature. Though it was not my subject, I like to read. Here I am posting the review of a novel that I have read recently.

Today, I, Hektor Konomi, would like to tell you about a novel named Fabric of Faith written by Nancy S. Brandt. The novel is really great to read. I enjoyed the novel and believe that you would also enjoy the same.

The novel informs the story of Meyers family. Dr. Chance Meyers lost his wife. He decided to convert her wife’s sewing room into a room where his daughters Ashley and Daniel can do their homework. He could not realize the value of quilting fabric that his wife left behind in her sewing room. Since his daughters were not interested in sewing at all, he decided to sell the fabric to a fabric store.

Mary Grace Caster, the owner of the Quilting Hoop, is a Christian with a wild past. She always wants to save people who have mislead in their lives since she has experienced a wild past and knows how much bad they can cause. Her friend Chrissy is a single mother with an abusive boyfriend. Mary Grace Caster wants to help her friend very much. Chrissy clings her lifestyle of drinking and partying and does not pay any attention to the words of Mary Grace Caster.

When Mary Grace Caster and Chance build a relationship in between them, she comes to know that Ashley is angry and rebellious girl who is destructing her life through her bad habits. Mary Grace wants to her but it hard to do it.

I would ask you to read the novel yourself to know what happens next in the novel as if I tell you everything here you would have no enthusiasm in your heart about the story as you would know very well that what is going to happen next.