About 22 1/2 years ago, as I lay in a hospital bed about to give birth to my daughter nine weeks early, I had a dream.

Jesus and I were walking through what appeared to be a construction site. People all around us carried huge blocks of stone, too big for any person to actually carry.

I asked Jesus what they were doing and He told me, “They’re building the New Jerusalem.”

Then I asked Him what he could tell me about my baby.

“He will build churches,” the Lord said.

I asked Him if that meant I was going to give birth to a boy. He smiled and said he wasn’t going to tell me whether it was a girl or a boy.

Within 24 hours, I had delivered a 2 pound, 7 ounces baby girl.

As the years went on, I decided that it was just a dream, not a prophecy, especially since a few years later, we became Catholic and the idea of Juliette becoming a preacher kinda fell by the wayside.

From time to time, I’d think maybe she would be missionary or an architect. Most likely, however, it was probably just a dream brought on by being so ill and lots of medication.

My darling daughter, 22 years old.

Now, about 9 years ago, a little boy was born and eight weeks later, he came to live with us.

To say that the last nine years have been an adventure would be a gross understatement. God has a sense of humor, and in every conceivable way, Noah is the opposite of Juliette.

Where she was a delicate flower of a child who was easy going, he questions every instruction and likes to be contrary about anything you can be contrary about. Where, at three years old, Juliette would look around and say, “Didn’t God make a beautiful world,” Noah would watch the priest during Mass and say, “I don’t see Jesus. Where is He?”

A few days ago, I got to thinking about that dream again. I wondered if possibly Jesus was telling me that someday I would have a son, all evidence at the time to the contrary, and He was talking about that child.

I asked my husband about it. I asked him if he thought it was possible that Noah might one day become an architect and design churches or maybe he’ll be a priest.

“What do you think?” I asked.

“I always thought it was more likely he’d run away someday to join the circus.”

A future circus performer?