This morning, after breakfast, my husband told Noah to put his breakfast dishes in the dishwasher.

Noah, in typically dramatic fashion, said, “I’m just your slave.”

Steve said, “You’re my slave? Because you have to put your dishes in the dishwasher? You need to understand slavery and what it really was.”

Noah is a history geek. He doesn’t understand history, but he knows a lot of stuff – dates and things.

Noah: Oh, I know. Abraham Lincoln ended it.

Steve: Yes. There were more people than just him, but yes. Let’s talk about these dishes. Who ate breakfast off of them?

Noah: I did.

Steve: Slavery isn’t about taking care of dishes you ate off of. Who does the laundry in this house?

Noah: I help.

Steve: You help Mommy sometimes, but who does the laundry? Who makes dinner?

Noah: You guys.

Steve: So I guess we’re YOUR slaves.