This is a busy day for my son.

As a normal 9-year-old boy who had ADHD, summer can be hard on my darling Noah. This is the first year he’s actually had friends who knock on the door asking if “Noah can come out and play,” and for that I’m totally grateful. Last summer was rough as he spent whatever time wasn’t crammed with activity (and only so much he wants to do with me) sitting in front of the TV staring at whatever the video of choice was.

I signed him up for soccer camp which is this week. It’s his third year doing it and he enjoys it. He’s also taking swimming lessons which started last week and are this week, too. AND he’s doing summer basketball at the Y, his second time doing it.

So, today has an unusual confluence of events that he had soccer this morning, and at 4 he has swimming and at 6-8 basketball.

I picked him up from soccer and was actually delighted to see that his shirt was dirty and sweaty and his face had dirt and mud on it. He played hard!

I’d promised him a trip to Chick-fil-a after soccer and as we walked to the car after camp, I asked him if he still wanted to go there. He said he was starving, so yes.

Noah: “Can we get milkshakes after with your money? I’m trying to save up for a Mustang.” (see previous posts about his Mustang obsession)

Me: “Well, I’m trying to save my money, too, you know.”

Noah: “But you have a job and get more money.”

Me: “I don’t have a job.”

Noah: “You should take a job, Mom. Then you can get one dollar, two dollars, three dollars.”