My son is on a punishment today because he was mouthy and defiant last night getting ready for bed. He can’t watch TV which is a hard one for me to enforce since my office/work area is two rooms away and he likes to turn the volume way down so I don’t know the TV is on.

Anyway, he’s been pretty good today and I told him that if he turned on the TV he couldn’t play with his friend.

So, I was sitting at my desk and suddenly I hear the back door slam. I figured he’d seen a friend outside but decided it would be a good idea to just go check.

I went out and saw him getting his bike while his friend, another little boy about 8 or 9, had his bike and was waiting. They both looked at me when I came out of the house.

Me: I just heard the back door close and I wanted to see what was going on. I guess you’re going to go play.

His friend: I wanted to tell… (He stands with his arms spread wide.) How do I look?

Me: You look fabulous. (He’s got on a blue and yellow striped shirt and blue shorts.)

He: You…I like your shirt (my old pink flowered T) and you look beautiful. (He dropped to his knees and bowed.)

My son watched all this, kinda confused.

Me: Noah looks fabulous. You look fabulous. We all look fabulous.

He: I think so.

Then the boys rode off talking about bowling parties for their birthdays.

I love days that start like this!