…or was it, “A Timelord walks into a church…”

Anyway, if you have been on my Facebook page much or know much about me at all, you know that my family are Doctor Who fanatics.

And as much as we love the 900+ year old TimeLord (last of), sometimes there are more important things in life.

The Boy is going to be doing his first communion in May, and therefore, he needs to study the elements of the Mass.

This morning, while he ate his Cheerios, I was going over the elements of the Mass and the items the priest wears. He is having a little trouble but we’ll work on it.

At one point I asked him what a chasuble is. He calls it the priest’s “holy shirt” which is fine, if not totally correct and WON’T be on the test that way, but I asked him what color a chasuble is.

Me: Does the priest just get to wear whatever color he wants?

The Boy: No. It might be Advent or Day of the Dead or Ordinary Time.

Me: So he wears the color of the Liturgical season?

The Boy: Right and if it’s the day the Doctor is coming, then he wears Blue! ::giggles::

See, you didn’t know Doctor Who is everywhere, did you?

On another Doctor Who related Mass situation:

Last Sunday I was sick and couldn’t make it to church so The Girl sat with the Boy while Beloved sang in the choir. The kids sat in the cry room (which frankly is a mistake if you ever want to pay attention or teach your child that Mass is NOT a time for playing!) and at one point, the Boy was muttering, “So no jo ho po to ro so.” (Confused? See video and explanation will follow.) (I guess you have to click the links to see the videos. I don’t know why it won’t just have them embedded, but whatever. They’re funny. Watch. I’ll wait.)


The Girl then turned to him and said, “Stop that.”

A moment later, he did it again.

The Girl: Stop being the Judoon.

The Boy: I’m not being the Judoon.

The Girl: Stop being the Doctor talking to the Judoon.

The Boy: ::giggles::

Doctor Who AND the Judoon

Life is fun at our house.