Background: If you’ve never seen Galaxy Quest, first – what’s wrong with you, and second – you just need to know that Captain Taggart (Tim Allen’s character) is the star and he’s a big ham, stealing all of Alan Rickman’s lines (in the “show” Galaxy Quest, not the movie itself) and showing off. In one scene, of which I couldn’t find a video, where Alan Rickman’s character saves the alien crew by forcing open a door and letting in air. When he walks into the room, they all start cheering and he thinks he’s going to get the recognition he has missed all those years on the show.

One of the aliens says, “He did it. He saved us.”

Alan Rickman’s character smiles and the alien says, “Captain Taggart has saved us.”


This morning the weather is bad here in Baton Rouge and the powers that be overreacted a bit and closed the schools and even the university. So, Beloved and the Boy are home today. (The Girl has moved into her own apartment, for those of you concerned.)

The Boy wanted waffles for breakfast. I’m on a low iodine diet and can’t have anything from a mix or anything baked I don’t make from scratch. I looked for a recipe that didn’t use milk or eggs, which I can’t have right now, but couldn’t find anything (it was a brief search), so Beloved said he’d go out to the store and get some mix.

I made the waffles when he got back, even though I can’t have any.

As Beloved and the Boy sat at the kitchen table, he looked at his dad and said, “Oh, these are great waffles. Thank you, Daddy.”

I looked at my husband and said, “He has done it. Captain Taggart has saved us.”