Lots and lots of stuff happening over here.


Finally, I’ve worked through Chapter Eight of Sword & Illusion. It’s not going to be done by my birthday as I’d hoped. Just too many things need tweeking and some other stuff has come up (see below) that is taking my time away from editing. I realize that’s not a great update, but I hope to have more news in coming weeks.


Well, the big thing from the Girl turned out to be a little thing. She basically decided or felt God was telling her to forgive Ex-Boyfriend and that she should be a better example to bring him back to his faith. That last part I’m not sure about. I don’t know how she can do that short of spending time with him and I know I don’t want her to get involved with him again.

She said she doesn’t know how to do that, either, but I told her there is scripture about leaving your sacrifice and making peace with a brother before trying to grow closer to God and that may be what He is telling her she needs to do.

That – I’m all for!

Also, she’s thinking about changing her major and going into some kind of Pro-Life career. Apparently, in Washington, she went to several seminars and in one someone said they need strong people of faith in pro-life positions and the Girl really feels this is something she could do.

Again – I could get behind this!

The Boy – apparently he’s decided he doesn’t need to get greens anymore. He’s been bringing home yellows regularly. Last year, this would have been an occasion of much rejoicing, but he’s been doing so well that yellows aren’t not as welcome.

He’s become totally fascinated with the solar system and the planets, as well as states and their capitals. He can name all the planets and knows that Uranus rotates upside down or something and that fascinates him! He can name about a dozen state nicknames. Can you do that??? He amazes me.


I was up .4 this past week after maintaining last week. I’m tracking but I guess I’m slipping a bit in portions or something. I need to exercise on the bike more and cut back on some of what I eat. I REALLY need to work harder at this if I want to work for Weight Watchers.


I am now officially a scrapbook kit designer! Tomorrow Michelle’s Angels opens. It’s a digital scrapbooking store and I’ll have two kits there. Here are previews for you to see. I’d love to know what you think.

Be Mine Kit

Warm Sweatesr Kit

I hope to have some freebies later on and who knows what else? I’m having fun doing this and really have to ration my time so I can write as well as do my own scrapbooking.

Beloved saw my kits and gave me a few assignments to do the graphics for the paper he’s writing. So, he’s not bugging me about playing on my PSP9 instead of writing.

His paper needs to be done by Saturday so that’s taking prominence right now.

I’d love to know what you all think about all this.

You all have a great day, hear?