My baby girl in settled into her dorm room at LSU. It’s very quiet in my house now, as I anticipate days of hours all to myself. While this is how I spent last year, too, she came home from school every day and slept here almost every night (except the occasional sleepover!)

Beloved and I took her to campus after dropping The Boy off at school (pray for him – his behavior is still and issue and we’re seeing a psychologist next week). Her room is on the fourth floor of Evangeline Hall and she shares it with two other girls. Their room shares a bathroom with another room. There really isn’t much space for her to call her own, a bed, a dresser, a desk and a small closet. Her roommate Gabrielle was there with her mother and sister, but the third roommate, a sophomore, wasn’t around, even though her part of the room was all set up.

After we got the bed made and her clothes put away, there wasn’t anything else for Mom and Dad to do. Dad had to go teach some programming class at another hall and I only had a 15 minute parking pass, so we gave hugs and took her suitcase and left. On the way downstairs, we talked about how she needs a lamp or two and her power strip from home.

I drove home alone, and felt a little down.

This week has been very stressful on me – reds and sad jars from The Boy and dealing with running around to get The Girl’s registration all handled and last minute school shopping done. I think I’m coming down with a cold, so I just vegged for about an hour after I got home. The Girl called to say Gabrielle had left to “get her clothes.” She lives in Prairieville or something and The Girl got the impression they were going home to get the stuff, so she’s alone in her room. Nothing is planned until 2 pm, so she was talking about taking a nap and reading. She said she was doing okay and felt better than she had and while she doesn’t know where her classes are or anything about campus, she was feeling more confident. She was actually worried about me!

I plan to go to the gym later, and tonight is back to school night at The Boy’s school.