Life has gotten in the way and it seems I just couldn’t find time when updating this thing seemed to be the top priority. However, I’ve been reading some of my friends’ blogs and have decided it’s time to get my butt in gear and update regularly, even when I don’t think I have anything profound to say.

The biggest news is that last week I had my thyroid removed. Everything is going well; the doctor said there wasn’t any sign of cancer. I wasn’t really worried about that, but now I’m dealing with a hoarse voice from the breathing tube and a little weakness from the surgery itself. I missed Mass on Sunday and today is Tuesday and it’s the first time since Thursday that I don’t feel like I want to just crawl back into bed and sleep.

I’m supposed to MC our annual readers’ luncheon this weekend, so I’m praying for a good voice by then.


Beloved interrupted my writing here to take me out to run errands. I’d asked to go out since I haven’t been out since Saturday. We went to Hobby Lobby. I needed a skein of floss to use for the Boy’s stocking, but I took two of my finished cross stitch projects with me. Last weekend (before Gustav) the Girl finished a cross stitch snowman Father Time and we took it to Michael’s and I framed it for her. It turned out so nicely I decided to see about framing something I finished. I was surprised how Beloved got into this process. I was going to get a pre-cut mat in either a green or blue (my project was a teddy bear dragon) but he wanted to use both colors and had the guy in the framing department specially cut a mat so we could have both colors and he picked out the frame. The other project I took was Santa kneeling at the manger, and Beloved tried to get a mat he liked for it. It’s too big to buy a precut mat for it, but he couldn’t find a color he liked with it, so we’ll do it later. When I told him I was surprised as how much he as putting into this, he said, “If we’re going to frame this stuff, let’s do it right.” I’ll post a picture when it’s all done.

After that, we got a couple of other things we needed in some other stores then went to Tropical Smoothie Cafe for lunch. I’m tired now, so I might lie down for a short nap.