Thirteen Thoughts
1. Please go over to The Chaotic Home. My friend, Karin, is stressed because her Army husband has been reassigned to Texas from Pennsylvania. She’s only been in PA for 18 months after believing they’d be there for a long time. She needs a little encouragement. 2. I’m feeling better today. Still have a tiny, low grade fever (which is driving me crazy) but at least I don’t feel like I want to just sleep all day. 3. I’m behind, already, in my writing plan for the year, but it’s early and I have been sick, so I’m not fretting too much. 4. I’m a little worried about Noah. He got a paper from his teacher yesterday saying he was disruptive in circle time and also he had some trouble in the hearing screening. The paper said he passed, but he seemed to have some trouble understanding the test. I don’t get this as the kid is very smart, at least here at home. He plays with his trains and blocks and cars for hours at a time and builds amazing towers and remembers stuff that interests him. I guess I have to make another appointment with the doctor to have him tested again. Sigh. 5. I’m taking Juliette to the doctor this afternoon. She had a cut on her finger that she picked at a little and now it looks as though the skin on her whole finger is coming off.

6. I feel as though that fluid in my ear that the doctor said he could see is more apparent now as my own voice sounds wierd to me.

7. I’m going to the Stampin’ Up hostess club tonight. I missed last month so my friend and I are going early to try to make up what we missed.

8. I didn’t eat much yesterday because my stomach was upset.

9. We really need to move my desk and computer so I don’t have to worry about my wireless internet.

10. I have to write a workshop on plotting and brainstorming for our local RWA chapter, HeartLA.

11. I also have to write two workshops for the Cruise in July, one on Sexual Tension in Sweet Romances and one on Older Heroines.

12. I want this year to be the one in which I sell another book or two.

13. SO, I guess I should be working on the books!

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