Maybe not.

I woke up this morning and my friend, Low Grade Annoying Fever, was back. This guy visits me for 3-4 days at a time then goes away only to come back a day or so later. My husband fought this cold for about a month and it’s only been about two weeks for me, but he didn’t have a fever. I’ve gotten so I don’t even know if I’m really sick or not. I keep trying to tell myself I slept under too many blankets or something. However, nasal congestion and fatigue tell a different story.

I was supposed to help out at my son’s preschool this morning with the hearing tests, but with a fever I just can’t risk going into a preschool! I hope we learn something from these tests.  Part of the time I wonder if Noah has some hearing problems. His teacher says she asks a question and he answers something totally unrelated, but is that because of a hearing problem or because he’s four and easily distracted??? He can recite almost the entire script of The Polar Express after we’ve watched it 800 times since Christmas morning!!!

I’m editing Sword & Illusion again, almost finished with Chapter Five, and I’ve started working through the book First Draft in 30 Days by Karen Wiesner with a new book, Gingerbread Hearts. I’m excited about this project.

I went to Weight Watchers yesterday and was down 1.6 pounds since before Christmas. My husband was stunned! At the end of the year, I hadn’t lost the 20 pounds I’d hoped for at the beginning but it was over 16 so that’s something!