I threw my back out, somehow, on Saturday, and today is the first day I’ve actually felt like doing anything. There are still some twinges in my back and right hip, but I can walk around and do some housework. I even cooked dinner tonight.

Whenever I get over one of these things, illness or something that keeps me out of commission for awhile, I always come back feeling all “nesty” like I have to clea everything and get everything back in order. Of course, it takes more than one day, and one day when I’m not 100%, to show any progress, but I did get a load of laundry done and cleared off the clutter from the kitchen table and got some work done for my writers’ group.

We’re teaching Natural Family Planning tomorrow night, so I have to get the dining table cleared of all my stamping stuff and the little penninsula in the kitchen cleared of the accumulated junk.


Chapter Six of Sword & Illusion has been edited. Still plugging away. My chiropractor read Attack of the Queen and it dying for the second one, so I really need to get moving.

I’m working through First Draft in 30 Days with a new book, Gingerbread Hearts. I’m not sure I completely understand everything she’s suggesting, but I’m giving it a shot and we’ll see what happens.


No pictures as the Girl has the camera and apparently is keeping it hostage. I’ll get it back after the weekend. I’m still working on a pair of worsted weight cabled socks. I’m not sure I like the way the first one turned out, but I’ll finish them and wear them around the house. I put the first one on and it did keep my foot warm, so that’s all that’s necessary.

I’m making a hat for the husband. He said this morning that he has about a mile walk from where he has to park to get to his office and even though it’s Louisiana, it’s been pretty cold around here in the mornings, especially.


I’ve been working on the Boy’s Christmas stocking, but I lost my reading glasses and the linen is such a close weave it’s hopeless to try to stitch without them. I really need to make a new appointment at the eye doctor for both me and the Girl. We had one last week but my fever was back and I felt miserable.