Part of the reason for the last post, I think, was fatigue and possibly a reaction to too many days of rain. I did cry a bit during my Holy Hour and I talked to my husband before that. He said there are miracles in our lives and that God has “moved heaven and earth for us.” He reminded me of people who had to pray for years to see God’s response. He talked a lot about Abraham and I kept thinking about Saint Monica who prayed for the soul of her son for 30 years while watching him continue in an immoral and hedonistic lifestyle. Of course, her son eventually turned to God and became of our greatest saints, Saint Augustine.

I let the world get to me. I think part of the problem there is I’ve let my spiritual life stagnate a bit. I have been coasting along, figuring I was okay with everything, but I wasn’t praying more than our family’s evening prayer which often end up sounding like a recitation of the same words over and over each night.I wonder sometimes if we really realize we’re supposed to be praying. Anyway, I need to get back to praying a rosary every day. It’s a good place to start this journey back to where I need to be.

Yesterday, I had my first meeting as President of HeartLA. We had 18 people there, an amazing turnout. Our publicity person, Jo, did a great job in getting the word our about our chapter. I think we may have picked up one or two new members! Fabulous!

Our chapter is having a writing challenge this year, so while I’m editing Sword & Illusion, I’m going to start a new book, Gingerbread Hearts, which I hope can go to either Harlequin Romance or maybe Avalon. We’ll see.

Thanks for all the comments on Friday’s post!