11. Chocolate – I don’t know why God created something so wonderful, but it’s an amazing food. I think life is just a little better when chocolate is involved.

12. Roses – Same deal. The world could run quite nicely without roses, but aren’t you glad we have them?

13. Pineapple – One of my favorite things to eat. I just LOVE it. My daughter can’t stand it, go figure, but I love putting it in my salads and on my pizza!

14. Knitting – a craft I’ve done for years but have recently become reacquainted with it as I’ve started knitting socks. I love it.

15. And while we’re here – Socks. I love warm, cozy socks and I love funky socks to wear to the Y when I work out.

16. And the YMCA. I never belonged until we moved her, but I love working out and not worrying that I’m not model thin or trendy when I go. No one cares and you can get as sweaty as you want and work out as hard as you want and no one else is watching you. AND there is always someone there is worse shape than me!

17. Sweatshirts. I live in Baton Rouge now so my sweatshirt wearing oppourtunities are less than when I lived anywhere else, but I love the cozy, warm, snuggly feeling I get wearing one, especially my old Shippensburg one that is a little too big and quite bulky.

18. Fires in fireplaces. Can you tell it’s a chilly day here? Not like December up north, but it’s overcast and a little chilly. Makes me think of hot chocolate and cozy fires.

19. Scrapbook paper and cardstock. I don’t do a lot of paper scrapping anymore as I’ve gone digital, but I love making cards and other paper crafts.

20. Rubber stamps and stamp pads. It goes with above but it’s an addiction.

21. Cross stitch – another obsession and one I’ve set aside a bit, but I need to get back to it.

22. Christmas stockings. I have cross stitched one for all of us, but Noah’s isn’t finished. However, they are things I’ve made that my husband regards as sacred to our holiday traditions.

23. Speaking of traditions, I love them.

24. DVR – we just got it on our TV and I LOVE it. I can tape stuff no one else wants to watch and sit and watch it while I knit when people are in school and at work.

25. My sewing machine – I have sewn since I was about 11 and the first thing I bought myself when I got out of basic training and my schooling for the Army was a sewing machine. I’m now only on my second one, but I’ve created lots of things for people I love on those things.

25. Quilts – it goes along with the whole cozy warm thing going on here.

26. I just learned how to do freehand machine quilting, so I’m pretty excited about that. I might actually get some quilts finished now!

27. Weight watchers – I’ve lost 18+ pounds since I joined in May and the support is fabulous!

More later!