Okay, as always, I’m late to the party. I was busy doing NaNoWriMo in November and lost touch with a lot of my favorite blogs and bloggers, but I found this at Cami’s place and decided to see what I could do from now until Christmas.

1. My parents. Godly people, and now I pray that my father is in heaven, praying for me!

2. My mother. My hero, and the strongest person I know.

3. My sister. My first best friend and the only person with whom I share certain jokes and the only person I ever could play Trivial Pursuit, Silver Screen edition with. It’s not the same with anyone else. Phoebe Beats isn’t really funny unless she says it.

4. My sister, again. She, too, I pray, is in heaven praying for me and her neice, who she adored, and her nephew, who she never met.

5. My husband who supports and loves me no matter what. He was the first person outside my family to NOT laugh when I said I wanted to write romance novels.

6. My daughter who was born 9 weeks early and is beautiful and smart and truly her own kind of woman, not falling for peer pressure.

7. My son. We waited 10 years for God to send us a baby to adopt and now I know why. He is truly OUR son and meant to be with us.

8. My husband again for selflessly giving me his kidney almost 6 years ago. He is a hero.

9. Guinea pigs – a unhealthy addiction that I couldn’t live without now. We’re on number 8 & 9 and I love those cute, stupid furballs.

10. Fresh air and water. What else should I say about this?

More to come!