27. Noah’s report on his calendar from school wasn’t too bad yesterday. He was “very inattentive” but that’s better than, “Hit a child” or “refused to come when called.”

28. Steve took today off because we’re taking Noah to the doctor to see if there is a medical reason for his behavior problems.

29. Juliette was supposed to help a friend with a homework project tonight after bowling, but they switched it to tomorrow so she won’t be running around so much.

30. I got a pair of socks finished.

31. I had a wonderful experience at Adoration Friday night/Saturday morning. I went there very upset over Noah, but left with a sense of peace I haven’t gotten from there in a long time. Maybe my heart was finally open enough to listen and accept God’s grace.

32. I worked out several times last week, but my weight was up almost 5 pounds! I guess it’s time to get on the program in earnest again.

33. We went to the new Chik-fil-a that opened near us and had a nice time. I got to knit a lot while Noah played and Steve and Juliette walked over to the nearby Best Buy to get a gift card for his sister. (probably one of the reasons my weight was up!)

34. We also went to Pizza Hut Friday night.

35. Friday was a Holy Day and we went to Mass after picking Noah up from school. His teacher was there and she didn’t stop us and tell us again that she’s having problems with him, so maybe he’s improving.

36. We baked Christmas cookies, Noah and me, last week and probably will bake more this week!

37. I got up early this morning just to work on this list. You’d think I could think of more stuff than this!

38. Our Christmas cards are almost finished.

39. It’s raining now. At least, yesterday the temp got up into the 70s, which was nice.

40. I got my desk semi-cleaned off last night and took care of a couple of things that were just hanging around here.

41. Got my Rx filled over the weekend and it’s a gift to know that my medical problems (is a new, functioning kidney a problem?) can be dealt with so I can function NOT in a hospital.

42. I seem to have a new determination to get my life in order.

43. Hazelnut Decaf Coffee – I used to walk a mile in PA nearly every morning to buy a cup at a local Wawa, but I found some in our grocery store, so I can make it myself!

44. Steve brought me a free mug warmer from Supercomputing ’06 and I love it! It plugs into a USB port, so  it’s right next to me as I work.

45. Noah is so sweet when he’s not on a sugar high. I love it when he sings the songs they’re learning in school. It’s so heartwarming.

46. I love my crockpot, when I actually use it. I love smelling good food all day long.

47. The grocery store had amazing sales on meat this weekend and we happened to be there at the right time. We got 4 boneless rump roasts, a bunch of hamburgers and some pork chops. Our freezer is full and I love that!

48. Plus, we know now when we’ll have for Christmas dinner.

49. I love having neighbors you actually know and talk to. We didn’t have that in Pennsylvania, even after six years there.

50. The neighbor’s son told me he liked my Christmas/Winter vest on Sunday. It was strange to wear it without a coat, over a tee-shirt, but it was nice to hear someone mention it.

51. Juliette seems to be over the boy back home.

52. We’re going to do some Christmas shopping since Steve is home. We’ll go to Toys R Us and get The Boy some stuff, then I’ll do some shopping online, later.

53. Tonight is RCIA night which means Steve will take Noah with him and I’ll get some time to myself.

54. I got a new calendar and set up my personal organizer to help me with that whole getting my life in order thing.

55. Heartla’s Christmas lunch is Saturday so I’ll be able to see and hang out with some friends.

56. Looks like the cruise thing is really going to happen.

57. It doesn’t overlap with RWA National in Dallas, but I’m unsure whether I’d be able to do both.

58. I did weights on Sunday and I don’t seem to have messed up my back/ribs again.

59. The receptionist/nurse at the chiropractor’s office is a quilter and she may end up being a friend.

Time to get my day going. More gifts later.