It’s around 6:25am in the Brand house and Noah will need to get up in about 35 minutes but for now I have silence, darkness and time to myself.

I made a decision this morning. I want to go on the Romance Writer’s Cruise that’s briefly mentioned on another page in this blog. Check here, but there isn’t a lot of information yet. What I can say is that a group of RomVets has gotten together and are arranging a romance writers/readers cruise for next July. Next year is Steve and my 20th wedding anniversary (in April) and he has been saying he would like to take us one a cruise – a luxury one. We went on a Windjammer for our honeymoon, but I’ve always wanted to go on one of those big floating hotel things. This could be our chance, but we’re not sure, yet, how it’s going to work. It looks, right now, like I could go for free because I’m part of the organizing and I’ll be giving a workshop. However, how we can get him on the ship is a question. His rooming with me would possibly mess up the room situation because there are three other writers involved and that would make arrangements awkward. Plus, we might have to pay for him and as always, he’s convinced there won’t be any money available for it.

It’s in July, and that’s the same month as RWA’s National Conference in Dalla. I SO want to go to National, too, because after that it’ll be in San Francisco or Reno or something and the odds are I won’t be able to go there. Plus, this year I’m president of HeartLA in 2007 and I feel like it’s important that I attend, for the group.

So, my decision was to get a book submitted before July. Maybe Steve will be able to find the money for both things (and if we ask for cash for our anniversary and birthdays) if I can get another book accepted somewhere. Sword & Illusion is my best bet, so I got up early today so I could get this post written and do some editing.

I’ll post more Gifts later, after Noah is in school.