I probably won’t get to 1000 but my friend Camy commented that she hoped I’d keep it up, so here’s me trying to come up with more stuff in a short time as it’s late and I need to get a bath in before bed.

 60. Today was the Christmas program at my son’s preschool and I was in tears of joy the whole time. He looked so cute and my heart was overflowing with love.

61.  I got the socks finished for my brother and I got all the gifts for Ohio just about ready to mail off if I can find a box to fit them.

62. I got a gift for my daughter wrapped and under the tree.

63. My weight was down about a pound and a half at Weight Watchers and that’s after almost a five pound gain last week! Yikes!

64. We’re just about ready for Christmas!

65. My inlaws arrived on Wednesday.

66. My daughter’s having final exams this week so that means that she gets home around noon every day.

67. And no bowling practice for her this week!

68. Steve seems to be over his Evil Virus Syndrome!

69. Juliette’s rash is better, too.

70. Made more of those cool choco-peanut butter-Chinese noodles candies.

71. Had the pizza we got at a fabulous price at the store with a coupon for dinner tonight.

72. Noah took a good nap early today.

73. He and I played a little while Steve and Juliette were at choir and I read to him, too.

74. I’m making a pair of two color socks for Juliette in her school colors, and while this is just an experiment, I think they’re turning out nice.

75. I feel no stress about no getting my mother-in-law’s bowls finished yet. If I don’t finish them, well, too bad.

76. Cool deal! Found out last night that I’d set the DVR to tape The Santa Clause Two and didn’t remember, so we have that to watch.

77. The choir concert yesterday was fabulous and Noah had a great time watching the singers until he fell asleep.

78. I get the bed to myself tonight after about five days of having Noah due to Steve’s illness.

79. Had lunch with my writer friend’s on Saturday and Elaine gave me a lovely unexpected gift of a mug with a hot chocolate mix. The mug says “I believe.” It’s suppose to be in the Santa sense, but I choose to use it in other ways, including my writing. I believe I can be published again.

80. She loved the clipboard I decorated for her.

Okay, that’s enough for now. I won’t get 1000 before Christmas, so I’ll try to keep this up even after the holidays.