8:30 am

Well, the boys have left for their campout.

Getting out the door was not without stress. Apparently, the Chromebook we gave Noah for schoolwork (and Steve has most of the Internet blocked) is a box-shaped Pied Piper. Noah couldn’t do even the simplest task (like put your sleeping bag in the car) without stopping to look at the computer.

That and the argument with Mom about taking his ADHD meds (I don’t need it for the campout and you only like me when I’m on the meds and I won’t have any fun if I take it – blah, blah, blah, heard it all before and it’s all baloney), and Mom is kinda grateful the house is quiet and only belongs to me and Molly until tomorrow.

10 am

Well, that didn’t last long. There’s a problem with the starter on my car, so Steve and Noah got stranded in a Wal-mart parking lot. I brought Noah home (still unmedicated) while Steve waits for a tow and the use of his father’s van. Cool, huh?

11:15 am

The car is at a local repair shop. It is the starter and it will be ready Monday around lunch. I’m working Monday so we’ll have to figure something out. However, the boys are back on the road.