I guess teenagers think their parents are stupid. Noah told me that “every kid” in his class at school makes fun of him for not having a phone. EVERY ONE OF THEM, MOM!!

Me: Names. I want names.
Noah: All of them.
Me: Then it shouldn’t be hard to come up with a name.
Noah: It doesn’t matter.
Me: If you are being bullied, I want to be able to tell the school who’s doing it.
Noah: It’s not bullying.
Me: Who is making fun of you?
Noah: Everyone
Me: Then give me a name.

He stomped off in a huff. Yes, child, I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday. I went through this same kind of conversation with Juliette when she was younger than you are.

“No one in my class has a set bedtime.” I was friends with the moms of most of her friends so I asked. Some of them had bedtimes earlier than Juliette’s. That ended that.

You’d think Noah would learn because we did this a few years ago with “No one else in my class has to do chores.” A quick note on Facebook with parents tagged showed him the error of his ways.