Dear friends,

I find myself worried today. I know that God is in charge and prayer is better than worry, and trust me, I have prayed about this, but I won’t stop worrying until it’s over.

Let me start at the very beginning.

This is my baby boy:

Eating smiley fries in a real English Pub.

Eating smiley fries in a real English Pub.

Now, of course, that was when he was two, and we visited some friends who were living just outside London.

That kid is, himself, an answer to ten years of prayers. God’s time is not our time and He was waiting for MY SON to be born before we could have him.

Today that kid is eleven, and he has a mouthful of huge teeth that are over crowded. He will get braces this coming spring but before that can happen, the dentist is going to pull FOUR teeth.

He’s going to do that today.

I’m so scared for my little guy, all the while telling him not to worry, because that’s what Mommies do. I have no idea what to expect. I don’t know if he’ll be able to sit still. I don’t know how much pain he’ll be in during or after.

I know this is the best thing for him, but I can’t do anything to make it better or make it good.

Please, friends, pray for him.