In a 1996 episode of “The Simpsons,” Lisa the Iconoclast, Lisa writes an essay on town founder Jebediah Springfield. While doing research, she finds a confession revealing that Springfield was a murderous pirate named Hans Sprungfeld who never cared about the people of Springfield. Lisa and Homer decide to get the message out, but instead anger the town council.

At one point in the episode, we find out that the Springfield town motto is “A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.” Schoolteacher Edna Krabappel comments that she never heard the word embiggens until she moved to Springfield. Miss Hoover, another teacher, replies, “I don’t know why; it’s a perfectly cromulent word.” Later in the episode, while talking about Homer’s audition for the role of town crier, Principal Skinner states, “He’s embiggened that role with his cromulent performance.”

My family will tell you that I use “cromulent” or, actually, a wrong word, “cromulous,” quite often. In fact, I often can’t think of another word that fits the situation.

I think my word, “cromulous” is the my favorite word.

Another good word, in my opinion, is “shenanigans.” When my daughter’s friend used it on Facebook, I “gave” her House Points, like in Harry Potter, although mine, of course, are completely meaningless.

What are your favorite words? I’d love to read them!