On 10 November 2012, HeartLA is having its Annual Readers’ Luncheon – Fall into Romance with Heather Graham. Every year, I’m the hostess of the luncheon, mainly because I’m the only one who actually LOVES speaking on front of people.

Anyway, last year I wore a kind of steampunk thing, a long skirt I made from a pattern called “The Beatrix Skirt” and a jacket that looked like a riding jacket. My mother-in-law gave me the jacket, which is really too small for me, and it was the inspiration for the whole look.

I know now that Beatrix Potter was a little after the Victorian era and this year I wanted to go “authentic” steampunk. So, a few months ago, I tracked down some Folkwearpatterns I’ve been wanting anyway. I love clothes, especially unusual, artsy, ethnic stuff. I’d buy almost all the patterns Folkwear makes as well as a few other pattern companies if I had a ton of cash.

Anyway, this weekend, after getting “permission” from the husband (No, I don’t have to ask if I can buy something, I just have to check that our bank account will handle it and we won’t go into debt if I do), I went to the local fabric store and got material to make a Victorian skirt:

I’m just doing the skirt from this pattern. I like the coat and all, but I want to make a vest and the coat won’t really work for that. Maybe some other time.

I’m also making this blouse:

And the womens’s vest here:

I haven’t sewn anything in a long time and I’m excited to get going on it. I got the vest cut out yesterday and part of the blouse. I need to get tracing paper and I’ll try to get some of it sewn tonight.

I told a friend at church about it and she asked, “Why do you need to wear a steamboat outfit?”