Hello, gang! I’m sorry I didn’t get a Teaser posted last Tuesday. Life was just chaos. Last week was Vacation Bible School at our church, a time of year I love and dread! I do drama (story time) every year, and while it’s fun and I love it, I am always exhausted by lunch time (we go from about 9 – 12 every day, although this year it was from 8:30 – 12).

Me telling the story about the Roman officer who had a sick servant.

Anyway, I hope this week makes up for missing a Teaser last week.

Yesterday I got an email from the publisher of Astraea Press. Sword & Illusion will be released on 5 July! I’m so excited about this!


So, anyway, here is the Teaser from this book this week:

“The anniversary of my birth is more than a moon cycle away. Surely, your visit could have waited until then.”
The religious sister looked confused and glanced around at her companions before looking back at the Exalted Warrior. “It is rare that an Exalted Warrior survives thirty-nine blizzards, even with such an extended time of peace. We must celebrate. We must have time to prepare the History Chronicles and…”
Moonrazer closed her eyes and sighed in resignation. When she opened them, all of the Sisters of the Flame were watching her.
“You want to perform the History Cycle for all the people to witness.”
All the Sisters nodded, now smiling. The older woman, who was clearly their spokesman, said, “We have, of course, rehearsed at the Fountain of Infallible Light, but we were not sure of the space available to us here.”
Another sister spoke up. “And we’ve added a new chapter to the Cycle…”
“Strawshield.” A voice from the shadows caused the Sisters to freeze. “We should not share all our secrets with the Exalted Warrior. Surely, on her special day, a few surprises are in order.”
Whiteshadow III, Mother Prioress of the Sisters of the Flame and Spiritual Leader of the Sarl, stepped into the light.
Moonrazer was shocked by her sister’s appearance. Her face looked careworn, and the lines around her mouth seemed to indicate that she wore a frown more than the smile that once brightened her youthful features.
She also seemed thinner than Moonrazer remembered, as though she had been ill and had not sufficiently recovered. However, the Exalted Warrior chose not to comment on this.
Whiteshadow continued, “The anniversary of your birth seems, to us, to be the perfect time to remind our people of the history of the Exalted Warriors.”
“But with the History Cycle?” Moonrazer asked.
“I think it is time our people saw it the way it was intended to be performed. Now that Carrick belongs to the Sarl again, we can do it properly.” Whiteshadow smiled. “I am sure the people of Carrick will appreciate the chance for a holiday.”

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