There seems to be some confusion about Teaser Tuesday. The idea is that you post an excerpt (a teaser) from your most recent or soon to be released novel. I write fantasy, but it can be anything! Maybe not erotic, but if you can keep the excerpt PG-13, that would be cool.

Anyway, you post that on YOUR blog or Facebook page, whatever you use to interact with your fans and potential fans. THEN, you scroll to the bottom on MY post here and add a link to your excerpt, with the convenient little linky thingy at the bottom of the post. If you want to collect links on YOUR blog, then you can grab the code for the link collector there, too.

Then you read the teasers that were there before yours, comment and possibly add your link there if they have a code.

SEE? It’s a circular thing designed to drive traffic to all our blogs and gain us new fans. Help me make this a great thing for writers!

Now on to today’s Teaser from Sword & Illusion:

Violetta took a long breath. “About eight months after we got married I discovered I was with child. I thought this would be the thing that truly made us a happy family. I was going to tell you at a special dinner, then I discovered your secret.

“At first, I couldn’t decide whether to stay or leave. I couldn’t bear the idea of living in a place where even the air I breathed was dependent on magic, but I thought I should stay with you because of the child. I was confused and took to staying in my rooms for days at a time.”

Varian nodded. “I remember that.” The memories weren’t pleasant; it had been a frustrating time for him.

“The child used her magic to enter my dreams.” She shuddered. “I felt violated. I had not anticipated anything like that. I thought that even if she had magic it would be years before we knew for sure, and by then, surely I would love her enough to overlook it.”

Varian nodded and rubbed this side of his neck. “It was the dream magic.”

The two of them were silent for a moment, each lost in his or her own thoughts.

He opened his eyes. “What happened to her? Where is she?”

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