My book, Sword & Illusion will be released on 31 May – a mere 16 days from today!!!! I decided to institute Teaser Tuesday, one day a week where I will post snippets of my books for your enjoyment, and I hope, to entice you to put this book on your “To Be Read” pile. I hope to continue this practice even after S&I is released. I also plan to spotlight new releases from my friends.

Today I’m sharing a small bit from early in the book. Moonrazer, the heroine, is talking to her sister, Whiteshadow, about one of Moonrazer’s duties as Exalted Warrior. I hope you enjoy it!

“What is the Confluence?” Adazzra asked.
“You have never seen one,” Moonrazer said. “At the last one, you were back on Awhyrrl dealing with the epidemic. A Confluence is when the three moons of Carrick line up in the sky. The night is nearly as bright as the day then.”
She smiled. “It is a major day of celebration. At the Confluence of the Three Moons, the Crystal Spirits can become manifest and help us decide whether the current Exalted Warrior shall continue her reign, or whether a new one should be chosen. The Sword Bearer is a trusted man who communes with the spirits and listens to their advice. Then he takes the Sword of Justice and either returns it to the reigning Exalted Warrior or names a new one.”
Whiteshadow frowned and said, “Up until now, that snake man has served as Sword Bearer.”
“I am sorry that you disapprove of my friends, sister,” Moonrazer said. “But Olaf is wiser and more trustworthy than any other man I know, and I see no reason that he can’t continue as Sword Bearer.”
“No, sister,” the Mother Prioress said, “you misunderstand my meaning. Tradition states, in the Laws of Lorelii, that the Sword Bearer should be the husband of an Exalted Warrior. Olaf served previously because you had only been Exalted Warrior for a short time and no husband of a prior Exalted Warrior was still alive.”
“I have not chosen a husband.”
“By your fortieth year you must find a mate, or the weakness will come upon you and make you unfit to serve even as a warrior. The Laws of Lorelii state that before then you must furnish a proper husband and Sword Bearer.
“The astronomers tell us that we face a rare event, two conjunctions of the three moons within the next year. By the second, the Crystal Spirits will choose your successor, but by the first you must marry, and that will happen in less than two months.”
She smiled. “To that end, I believe we should summon men from all of the Known Worlds to come and vie for your hand.”
“What?” Moonrazer said, staring at the Mother Prioress. “You want to bring in a line of men and have me mate with one of them? A man I have never met before?”
“Few Sarl men would feel worthy to claim you,” Whiteshadow said. “The only solution I can see is to invite suitors from all over the Known Worlds as well as any of our own men who are willing to participate.”
Moonrazer shook her head. “No, Whiteshadow. I will not do this. I will not select a mate the way I would choose a horse or a sword.”
Whiteshadow bowed again. “As you say, but you must choose by whatever means before the first Conjunction. What I am proposing is the traditional procedure, but I will leave you now so that you can decide how best to fulfill your duty. Please consider the knowledge I have given you in peace and in prayer.” She turned and walked toward the other end of the hall and departed.

Your turn!

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