Mommy's Idea

I’ve neglected this blog but with Sword & Illusion coming out in three weeks (THREE WEEKS!!), I’ve started thinking more about my social media/promotion efforts. I’m so excited about this book coming out! I think it truly is the best thing I’ve ever written and I can’t wait for you guys to read it.

Anyway, while I have TMIS (Too Many Ideas Syndrome) when it comes to my fiction, I stink at thinking up things to write blog posts about. So, today i’m going to do Fragment Friday, which I got from Half Past Kissin’ Time, which you can find in the link above.

The idea of Fragment Fridays is to think about your whole week and jot down little “fragments” about the days. Here’s mine:

— This past weekend was our church’s annual festival. As usual, we went Friday night. Also, as usual, I found a spot in the food tent and set up “home base.” Noah is ten now so he just runs off with his friends and after I get him a ride bracelet, he’s set for the night. He did come back at one point to get some food. He wanted fries but that line was too lone. I got him chicken nuggets and he was happy. The rest of the family got crawfish, naturally. I really don’t like seafood of any kind, but I’m getting better at being able to sit in the midst of people eating crawfish and not freak out too badly. And that’s a good thing down here in Louisiana!

— Saturday was a regular Saturday for us. We went to Chick-fil-a for lunch. Juliette joined us, then she and her dad went to see The Hunger Games. Steve got me a new keyboard before he left, and I set it up when Noah and I got home. Turns out, however, they couldn’t see the Hunger Games because the projector broke, so they got to see the Avengers AND got free movie tickets! I think the whole family is going to see it tonight! I can’t wait. I LOVE superheroes!

— Sunday I did some scrapbooking and of course, went to Mass. I told my friends in the choir about the book’s release and they were all thrilled for us. However, it still amazes me how many people don’t read ebooks. I have a feeling I won’t be selling many copies to that crowd until (and if) we sell enough that it will come out in paper.

— Weight Watchers on Monday. I was up 2.2 pounds, so it’s back on the wagon for me. A woman there had sent me three pages of a book she’s working on and I guess I did more editing than she expected and to thank me, she have me a lovely earring and necklace set she made.

— The rest of the week was average. Had a Cub Scout leaders’ meeting on Wednesday and actually got to play Guild Wars when I got home. In the process of setting up my new keyboard, which I’m still adjusting to, I unplugged my speakers so I had to play with no sound, but no big deal, except when the rest of the guild was talking about a growling sound I couldn’t hear.

— No Rowdy Girls on Thursday due to graduations and Charlaine Harris visiting BR. I haven’t read any of her books, and I heard the line was going to be LONG so I wasn’t interested. Also, we asked her to be the keynote speaker at our annual luncheon and she wanted $15,000! I’m not exactly impressed with her these days.

— Today men are here working on the duct work in the house. They have to AC on, I guess to see how it works, and it is getting cold in this house! Also, my “pile things on the desk and get to them later” filing system bit me in the butt as the guy asked if I had the estimate he gave me. I KNOW I saw it recently, but do you think I could find it for him?? Not on your life. So embarrassing. However, I do think he should have a copy since we didn’t get the original in the first place!

— Today I try to get Pigsty Princess back under control. I’ve been working on one scene for two days and it hasn’t come together. Last night, though, I think I came up with a new approach that should work better. We’ll see.

Okay, fans, that’s my week in a nutshell. Hope you have a fabulous weekend. I’m going to find a sweatshirt to put on!