So, Steve challenged me to track my Weight Watcher points faithfully for six weeks. Two weeks ago, I started and when I weighed in last Monday, I has lost over three pounds. I was SO HAPPY.

This past week, I tracked as well. I used less points in the early part of the week, so I was set for the weekend.

I weighed in today and gained 4.4 pounds.

I’m stunned. I can’t figure out how that happened. I felt so good this morning. I even thought my stomach felt smaller. I put makeup on and walked into the new facility feeling great.

Then that STUPID scale.

I love my WW meetings and the ladies there, so they helped me keep from falling apart, but I don’t get why that kind of backlash. I didn’t expect another 3 pounds loss, and I would have been okay with a pound gain as I figured my body was adjusting, but FOUR POUNDS??

It makes no sense.

I get that it might be water weight, but it’s still discouraging, especially when other people get 5 pound stars left and right.

Well, onward and downward!