We’re doing Vacation Bible School at our church this week and as always, I am the Drama Leader. I get to ham it up and act totally loony all in the name of Jesus. I absolutely love it. Of course, I’m exhausted when I get home and this year I’ve taken a pain pill each day at lunch as by the time I come home my back, feet and hip are hurting.

Today we did the story of Elijah and the 450 prophets of Baal. I got to tell the kids that I wanted to sacrifice a bull but Father Tom wouldn’t let me. (Yesterday, which was about creation, I told them I wanted to set off explosions and have the ocean roll through the classroom but the principal said no.)

Anyway, at the beginning of my class, the kids meet me outside the room, and I do a little opening to get the ready for the presentation.

Today I asked if they could tell me a character they see on TV that they KNOW is Absolutely Fake. The notes used SpongeBob for instance.

I got Barbie and Iron Man and Spiderman and SpongeBob. My darling son said, “Doctor Who.” I love that my boy knows the Doctor isn’t real!

However, two of the junior helpers, who looked like they were in high school, turned to each other and said, “Who’s Doctor Who?”

That’s just so sad.