I bought a Wii, and for the record, I actually bought it so I could have Wii Fit, so technically, it’s my Wii. I do, of course, let The Boy play it and he loves it.

He plays it almost every day, except for the times that he is “grounded” from it. And this morning, I had to ground him again.

My little boy has a habit of putting things in his mouth and apparently, eating some of them. When I got the Wii, I didn’t know anything about what I needed or anything so I asked a salesman at Best Buy and he was great. We got the “fancy” controller covers that are designed to make it harder to drop or let go of the controllers when you use them.

Well, my darling son, chewed on the plastic of the covers until they literally fell apart.

I broke down and went to Amazon and bought two new covers – a pink set (both controller and nunchuck) and a blue one.

This morning I got up to do my Wii Fit exercises and discovered he’s been chewing on the nunchuck cover. So, I confronted him and now he’s not allowed to play the Wii today.

Well, he got into his defensive, angry mode and told us that we (Beloved and I) are mean and we just don’t want him to play. Beloved told him that it is the result of his actions that he can’t have the game today.

Then he moved into what I call irrational argument phase. He told us then that “I guess I’m just a vampire who bites things.”

Sigh. I guess so.