Yesterday started out a bit rough. I was a little angry at the world and my family in particular.

I woke up all excited about my new plan for my career, but then Beloved reminded me that I need to edit Sword & Illusion first, then read his book. I figured out as I drove home from dropping my son off at school that this could work. It would be fine.

I had actually tried to start the new book before the kids got up but the place I chose to start was the wrong one and I didn’t even get one sentence written. Beloved told me later I couldn’t say I’d tried because that wasn’t even trying.

I went to Weight Watchers and was up again and that actually threw me into a depression and I came home crying.

At that point I decided I couldn’t do anything I wanted to do and I planned to give up.

Good attitude right? I told you the day started rough.

Whining and complaining on IM to my spouse kinda sent me into a spiral of feeling sorry for myself and when he kept asking if I’d written my 7 pages yet, I got mad and turned off the computer.

I went into the laundry room, cleared out two boxes of stuff I had left over from HeartLA’s luncheon last year. (Sherrily Kenyon is our speaker this year – you should come!) Then I folded a load of laundry while watching the second ever Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode on Roku.

By the time that was all finished, I felt better and figured out that I could do this.

I went to pick up the Boy from school and actually started the new book. After everyone else had gone to bed I finished my seven pages!

All in all, day one went not too bad!