Tuesday didn’t go so well, or it went great, depending on how you look at it.

I got Sword & Illusion edited (or at least I worked on it for an hour), then I read my husband’s book and critiqued it for an hour. Then I took my little Netbook and went to the carpool to pick the Boy up from school.

He told me he needed a glue stick for school so I thought we’d head over to Target. I needed light bulbs anyway.

Our nearest Target is next to a Best Buy and I’ve been wanting a Wii Fit since about Christmas. I asked for one for my birthday in Feb but Beloved couldn’t find any and got me a George Foreman Grill instead.

Anyway, when I asked at the Best Buy about it, they never could tell me when they were getting them in. We got the final check from my mother’s estate, and I’d put a bunch of random checks, including that one, in the bank.

So, since we were right there, I thought, oh, let’s stop in and see if they have any. They won’t but we’re right here anyway.

Well, they had them! Not the Wii Fits, but the very helpful saleman answered my questions and told me that another store across town had Wii Fits and I could pay for it there and go to the other store and pick it up. Cool.

So, I got everything this guy recommended I needed and an extra game for the Boy and A Biggest Loser workout disc for me. It was more money than I expected but as Beloved said, I’m an heiress now and we have a bit of extra cash.

I’m also considering getting a Nook or a Kindle so if anyone has any comments on either one, I’ll take it.

We brought everything home (didn’t get to Target) and started the set up. Then the Gril and Beloved came home, we had dinner and he headed off to RCIA at church. His mom is finally feeling up to getting out of the house again, so that’s good.

The kids and I headed to the Mall where the other Best Buy is and picked up the Wii Fit and bought an Alice in Wonderland game for the Girl.

Then we came home and set THAT all up! We made Miis for all of us and the Girl and I did our body test on the Balance Board for the Wii Fit. It gave me a Wii Fit age of 60 – NINE years older than I am!!! It made the Girl about 8 years older and when Beloved did it, 13 for him. I don’t think that’s quite right since he runs 3 times a week, but he had trouble figuring out the balance stuff.

So, in the end, I only got about 2 new pages written, so I’ll have to do some catching up!