Today is the first day of soccer camp for the Boy. For five days, he’ll be learning how to play soccer from 9-12. I’m expecting much fatigue from him today as he thought it would be fun to stay up and play V-smile in his room after we put him to bed.

Two days a week he still has language therapy. We’re in a battle with our insurance company about whether they should pay for this therapy or not. He has Central Auditory Processing Disorder and they say they only cover language therapy if it’s something he had and lost due to an injury or other traumatic thing. I guess if he never had complete language processing, that’s okay with them; he doesn’t need to have it.

I think a case can be made that we are trying to restore something that’s normal that he never had, and therefore it is a “restorative” therapy.

Anyway, that’s an ongoing thing.

I also signed him up with basketball at the Y. That’s one evening a week and supposedly games, but we haven’t gotten a schedule yet.

Next week and the week after he’ll take swimming lessons and VBS is the middle of July.

I guess he’ll be a busy boy, which will be good for him.

I need to go now but I’ll tell you about my experiences at the pool yesterday later. Tschues!