I just read this post by Julie Kenner (http://juliekenner.com/blog/?p=273#comments) and I wanted to share another rude person story. This didn’t happen to me, and wouldn’t because God has seen fit to only bless me with two children.

I went to a VBS planning meeting at our church on Friday. I always do the story/drama part of the week, and it has nothing to do with me being a ham and feeling totally free to make a fool of myself for the sake of Jesus Christ. Really!

Anyway, we were sitting around the conference table and the woman across from me told this story. I’m not sure how many kids she has, 3 or 4, I think.

Anyway, she and her children were going into a store and one of her sons held the door open for an elderly woman with a cane or a walker and the woman approached the mother.

“Are these all your children?” Elderly woman asked.

“Yes, they are,” my friend said, expecting to hear some comment about how good they were or how nice it was that her son held the door.

“It’s people like you with all these kids that are using up all the resources and ruining our planet.”

What do you say to something like that???

We all sat around the table suggesting things like, “These kids will be paying your social security soon” or “I think it’s the old people using up all the medical resources that are ruining this country.”

What is it about people that they think they can just judge how someone else lives or how many kids they have? I wonder which child this old lady thought shouldn’t be here.