Life has been crazy around here lately.

A little over a week ago, my mother-in-law called.They live in New Jersey and this was Friday, last week. The first words out of her mouth were, “Surprise. We’ll be there Sunday.”

Now, a little context. I had my brother on the other line. He lives in Ohio and has been going through the same kind of medical stuff I went through before my transplant, and while he’s not sick like I was, he’s having a tough time of it. Fortunately, this conversation had been just something kinda fun, so I was able to just tell him she was on the phone and they were apparently coming to visit. He understood and I went back to her.

They’ve been trying to sell their house for at least two years so they could move down here. Well, they finally got a good, solid offer and were coming down to look at houses.

A little context on my end: Beloved was in California and due home the next morning (Saturday). We had been invited to a wedding reception Saturday evening and some time in the afternoon we were suppose to see Star Trek. Then on Sunday, the Boy had a birthday party to go to.

I told her she might need to kick her way through clutter to find their bed, but she said not to worry about it.

They were here when we got home from Mass Sunday evening. The Boy had school Monday and Tuesday, Beloved went to work, and the Girl stayed home. The grandparents had driven HER car down – that is, they have been promising her this car when they moved or this summer, whichever came first. In fact, she had been making plans to fly up to NJ this summer with a friend and drive her car back.

Well, now it’s in my driveway. Needless to say, the Girl is thrilled. It’s an old, huge boat of a car, covered with Marine Corps logos and filled with waste material that used to be “useful” gadgets, but it’s hers. Now she has to get it registered and inspected and all that.

Wednesday was the kindergarten end of year paraliturgy, so the grandparents got to see it.

The Boy

They looked at houses every day and on Thursday, signed the contract for one.

New House

It’s a small, almost cottage like house, 8 years old, 4 bedrooms about a mile and a half from us. So, yay!

They left Friday morning.

Saturday was a HeartLA meeting. I spoke about Internet resources for fantasy writers and social networking sites. Not too exciting, but at lunch, my friend Rhonda, who has sold a couple of novella’s but hasn’t posted that news on her site and who is also in my critique group, told me I need to finish the bridesmaid dress book, which I’m now calling Catering to Carter. This is the first in what I hope will be three (maybe four) books in the Fairy Godmother’s Bridesmaid Dress series.

So, I’ve been working on that while Beloved edits three chapters of Sword & Illusion.

This week, the Boy and I started “Mommy school” a little summer homeschooling experiment to try to keep him current with his reading and math. Yesterday, we also went out to buy him shoes and to lunch.

Well, he’s up earlier today than yesterday, so I guess I need to get the day going.

For anyone here because of my designing, I’ll work on that tomorrow and hope to have a freebie for you.