My husband’s status on Google Talk says, “Frozen in Carbonite.” Han Popsicle I asked him why and he said because he feels like he’s just waiting for a number of things to happen.

1. He’s waiting to hear if he got the new job, basically his boss’s job (boss is leaving or has left). He was told last week he’d hear by Friday. On Friday they said they’re postponing the decision until this week. Now he won’t hear until Monday.

2. We sent a book to Baen last year, and were supposed to get a response by Christmas. Last month he emailed them asking about it and it turns out they never received it. They said if we sent it in again, they’d give us credit for the previous submission and read it in a week. That was two weeks ago and we haven’t heard anything about that.

3. His parents have been trying to sell their house in New Jersey for over a year. They want to move down here closer to us. So, we are waiting for that to happen. We thought something good was in the offing as they thought they were getting an offer, but that fell through a couple of days ago.

Then, this week, I’ve gotten phone calls with bad news. My uncle cut the tip of his finger off using a table saw. My mother says he’s always so eager to play with his toys he doesn’t use any safety equipment.

Then today, my brother called to tell me that his creatinine has gone from 3.6 last year to over 6 this year. This is a measure of kidney function and polycystic kidneys are in the family. Normal creatinine is about 1.4 or thereabouts. Mine was just over 5 when they put me on dialysis. Granted my case was a little different as I had just gotten over a bout of metabolic acidosis and the doctor didn’t want to wait for my kidneys to get worse on their own so she decided to keep me on dialysis. Dialysis is how they treat acidosis.

Anyway, it’s been a week or more of bad news or no news. I really could use something good happening.

Well, one good thing, sort of, happened tonight.

We were supposed to teach an NFP class tomorrow night. Tomorrow is Beloved’s birthday but it was the only night available for this couple to take the first class so they could take the second class next week. Yes, we’re teaching on Good Friday. Who set that up???? Oh, right, me.

Anyway, I emailed the couple tonight to remind them we were looking forward to seeing them, and the emailed back that they’ve changed their minds.

While I’m not thrilled about a couple decided against NFP, at least we won’t have to teach tomorrow night and can possibly relax a little at the end of this week.

On an up note, the blog train has made traffic to this site skyrocket which thrills me no end. Welcome everyone! I hope you come back.