The Girl has this week off from college for Spring Break and Beloved has Friday off. He’s decided to take Thursday and Monday, too, because he wants to focus on his book. He split his days off because the Boy has NEXT week off. It would be so nice if they could have had the same week off. Maybe we could have taken a small vacation or something.

We haven’t had a full-fledged family vacation since Christmas 2007 when we went to Ohio to spend New Years’ with my family. Finances are the main reason and it’s amazing to me that I can tell that we haven’t taken time away as a family.

On May 9, Beloved and I are going away for the night to a B&B. This was my birthday present from him and this is the first chance we could find to make reservations. It’s also not our first choice of places, but from the pictures and talking to the manager/owner on the phone, I’m sure it’ll be wonderful.

What do I have planned this week? Well, I need to get back to my Flying routines. Beloved mentioned the housework at least every other day so I guess it’s starting to get to him. I know I’ve slacked off on it, but I’ll get back to it.

The Girl and I need to run to the library some time this week. I have a book to return and she probably needs more to read.

On Friday, Good Friday, I’ll be unveiling a new freebie for a Good Friday blog train. I don’t have the ad for it ready to upload here because my ftp information is on my other computer and I need to get that all transferred to the laptop. But, I think you’ll be happy with what we’re offering.

Of course that brings us to the Triduum, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday. We’ll be busy with those things. The choir sings at the noon mass on Easter Sunday which means, again, we don’t go to the Vigil. I would really like to, but I think it’s still too long for the Boy, although he’s doing better at paying attention and being good in Mass.

Well, I have to get the family up in half an hour and i should try to do some writing, so I’ll sign off.

Oh, if anyone knows any generic healing prayers or any prayers specificaly to St. Drogo, please let me know! Thanks!