I’m still trying to get over this learning curve. I’ve made five kits already but one store wants the elements names one way and another wants them named another way, and then two stores accepted my application on the same day…and…well, I feel like I’m up to my eyeballs in being behind.

I finished work on my part of an Easter/Springtime collaboration kit that will be at Scrap Happiness next week. Here’s my part:


Tomorrow is Wednesday and again, The Creativity Box is having a Wacky Wednesday Sale. Stop by and pick up some great bargains!

Wacky Wednesday


Last year, Beloved submitted our book Lady and the Necromancer to Baen Books after a major rewrite. They’d seen it once and had some suggestions. Their site said it would take about 9 months for them to respond after submission.

That 9 months ended around Christmas and we never heard anything. Finally, today, Beloved contacted them.

Turns out they never got it!!! We’ve been waiting almost a year for nothing.

The good news is that they remembered the story and said if a major rewrite had been done, they’d look at it, so off it went today. We got confirmation that they got it, so now we wait another year.