I’ve just signed an agreement with TKO Scraps and will probably start selling stuff there next week. In the meantime, they’re having a sale today!

Super Saver

Stop by and see what’s on sale!

If you like blog trains, mark your calendar for 1 April. This is when Michelle’s Angels Easter Egg Hunt starts.

blog train

And speaking of Michelle’s Angels, we’re looking for a Creative Team.

CT call

If you’re looking for a fun team to work for, consider applying.


The Boy has been doing better in school, however, he got a red yesterday.

Beloved and I are planning our bed and breakfast trip, probably in two weeks. In preparation, I ordered a cute short satin robe for a romantic getaway. I had to order it online because every store I looked at either had flannel jammies, cute sets that said, “Hey, I’m a teenager on a sleepover” or strange house dress looking things that said, “Hello, I’m your grandmother.” !!

None of those said, “I’m a nice, Catholic woman going away with my husband of many years for a nice romantic night away from our kids!”

Oh, well, one store had stuff that said, “Hi, there, I’m a slut.”

I did find one store that had gorgeous silk kimono type robes that said exactly what I wanted, but they said it for $189!! Given that my budget was about $40, even with 60% off (which these were) I wasn’t sure they were saying what I wanted in the right tone of voice!

So, anyway, even though it sounds cheesy, I found exactly what I wanted at….

…wait for it…

Frederick’s of Hollywood!

Yeah, I know it’s Frederick’s and all, but honestly, I bought stuff from them when I was single and I always liked their clothes. My favorite blouse OF ALL TIME came from there years ago. It’s long gone now but I have fond memories.

Well, I need to go spend some family time. Leave me a note to let me know you’ve been here!