Good morning, cyber world. I know I haven’t spent as much time with this blog as I should, and I will start again and try to not neglect you again. Can’t promise anything. After I’m only human.

A lot has been going on in my part of the world. In fact, however, my part of the world has gotten pretty small lately. Basically, the size of my bedroom with small forays into the kitchen for sustenance.

Last Monday I received my radioactive iodine treatment. It was a simple, and at the same time, not so simple thing. After asking the radiology tech some questions about precautions, my family got “last” hugs and kisses and they were ushered out of the room. Then the tech put on a lead apron and rubber/latex gloves. Then she pulled out what looked like two small baked bean crocks. Two cups of water sat on the table next to me. She set the crocks next to me and opened one. They were clearly lined with lead, and she pulled out a small capped vial that contained one pill. She said it had to directly in my mouth so she “poured” it in and I drank one cup of water. We repeated this procedure and she quickly led me out of the waiting room.

I asked about the possibility of superpowers but she said no that wouldn’t happen. Bummer.

Anyway, as soon as I got home I came into this bedroom and except for people calling me and IMs and my family standing at one end of the hall while I peeked out the bedroom door to talk to them, I’ve been isolated to keep from radiating other people.

Today is my last day. Tomorrow I get to catch up on hugs from the Boy, who hasn’t been doing well in school this week. I have to wash all my bedding and clothings separately from the rest of the family and twice through the cycle. But that’s minor and it’s over.

On Monday I got back to the Radiology office for a full body scan to make sure the cancer didn’t spread anywhere. My doctor says by Thanksgiving I should be myself again.

Actually, I’ve been feeling pretty good this week except for stuffed sinuses that make it had to breathe at night.

I’ve started a new book and have written two chapters already this week. I finished three books I’ve been in the middle of reading for awhile.

The best part is all the friends who have called, emailed or IMed to see if I’m okay and ask how I’m feeling. It’s very heart-warming to know how many people care.

The Boy’s been seeing a language therapist and from what I hear, he’s doing great. He goes on Mondays after school, and we’re tryng to find a second day during the week that will work because she really needs to see him more often to have him make progress.

He’s going out trick or treating tonight, as a pirate. When the Girl was little I made all her costumes, but with all the thyroid stuff going on, we just didn’t get to it this year, but life is different that is was 13 years ago, too. I wasn’t a published author then and I wasn’t focused on trying to make this a career.

I’ll put an excerpt from the new book on the site. Check it out and give me some feedback. I’d love to know what my readers are interested in reading!

I hope you all have a great weekend! Check out the previous post and comment to win Jeff’s new book!