Okay, possibly it’s because it seems to pile up faster than I can deal with it, but honestly, how does a family of four wear so many clothes and yet have so many in the laundry all the time? Right now I have about five or six bag of clothes in the back of my van waiting for me to find one of those big square bin things you drop off things for charity. Most of those bags came from the Girl’s room, but at least a couple were filled with stuff Beloved and I don’t wear and the Boy has grown out of.

So you’d think with all those bags being given away, there wouldn’t be so much in my laundry pile, but you’d be wrong. Right now two hampers of stuff from the Girl sit in my laundry room, which is little more than a laundry closet. There’s a big pile of dark colored clothes in my room and some cast offs here and there in the bathroom and on Beloved’s side of the bed, where he takes off his socks.

All of this in addition to clothes in the Boy’s room that need to be washed. I despair of ever catching up.

Where are the paper garments I was promised when I was in high school? Oh, in the “future” (which is where we are now!) we’ll have paper clothes and you’ll never need to do laundry again.

Do you think my family will let me just leave the dirty clothes if I tell them I’m waiting for paper???