I’ve started using memes again because sometimes coming up with content is hard for me, especially as I’ve been working to finish Sword & Illusion. I want there to me new stuff here for you all to read and hopefully, develop a “following.”


Anyway, my husband, who writes the sometimes very funny Regularly Expressing blog, was looking for some memes to use for this reason, so we did a Google search to find daily memes and I found this one.


Today my reason for smiling is what I mentioned in the first paragraph. I did it, ladies and gentlemen! I am finished with the second run-through of Sword & Illusion! The book is now almost 600 long, but it’s finished. I’m so happy; I was dancing last night and jumped out of bed this morning because now I can start something new!


My husband and my critique partners will look things over for me and let me know what problems there are, but it’s finished!


Now, I have to mow the lawn before I can start the next project, but for now, I’m content.