I have another great book to share with you, Searching for Spice by Megan DiMaria.

From the back cover:

Linda Revere longs to have a sizzling affair . . . with her husband – a practical, no-nonsense community college science teacher. Unfortunately, life isn’t scripted, and nothing goes according to plan. From having a demanding boss and at times a frustrating job to helping her family and friends with their troubles, life seems to be preventing Linda from achieving her goal of an exciting and passionate marriage. Linda hopes God will answer her prayers to jazz up her marriage, but is she ready for what happens next?

This is the debut book for Ms. DiMaria and I think she hit it out of the park!

Linda’s desire, after many years of marriage, a son in college and a daughter in high school, to find the romantic man she married, is one many women can relate to. Linda takes matters into her own hands and starts a well-organized plan to bring the romance and spice back into her marriage.

However, her daughter makes a dumb mistake that threatens to tear the family apart and Linda has reason to fear for her own health and possibly her life. All this puts the romance plan on hold and also makes her question whether there is even a marriage to save.

Ms. DiMaria writes in such an authentically emotional way that I found myself being worried and stressed for no reason and realizing that I was empathizing with Linda so much it affected me even when the book was closed.

I was pleasantly surprised when my fear that the worries would be dealt with in a simple, cliche way were completely unfounded. Her solution to things was creative, surprising and real.

I definitely look forward to reading whatever Ms. DiMaria is working on next!