Today I get a CAT scan done of my lungs. I’m not incredibly worried anymore, like I was when I first got the phone call telling me I needed to do this. I’m just a little stressed because the scan is scheduled for 1:30 and my daughter has a bowling match this afternoon and normally, I pick her up from school and take her to the bowling alley. I usually leave the the house around 2 pm (normally a little earlier) so I can get to the school and wait for her actually on campus. Her school is on a little road and if I don’t get their in time, I end up parked on the side of this road that has no shoulders, and I hate that.

Because I’ve been picking her up for games and practices for two years, she hasn’t really tried to find someone she can get a ride with. Today, however, she has to. You know how hospitals are; the scan is for 1:30 but I might not get in there until 2. I’m a little worried because I have to pick my son up at — well he supposedly is dismissed at 3:20 but the carpool people have to wait for the buses so we usually don’t get moving until around 3:30. I’m just praying that my 1:30 CAT scan will be done to let me get him!

So, the scan itself doesn’t bother me as much as the logistics of school dismissal.

Oh, let’s not forget that after I get the Boy, we’ll go to the bowling alley to wait for the Girl to finish. Then I’ll have to drive back here, drop them off and head over to the LSU campus for Financial Aid Information Night. The Girl got accepted there, so we need to know as much as possible about financial aid.

I hate that all of this is happening on the same day! I will head to the Y later and work off some stress and maybe get some endorphins going!