Well, the day turned out to be quite interesting!

I did about 50 minutes on the elliptical at the Y and was feeling pretty good about things. I planned to come home, take a bath, make a salad for lunch and head off to the lab for the test.

When I got home from the Y there were a couple of instant messages from Beloved. Apparently, the Girl had called him to say she couldn’t get a ride to the bowling match. She hadn’t asked anyone because it seems she never sees any of the other members of the team during her day at school. This is very interesting because she has a crush on one of the guys on the boys’ team and he used to eat with her!

The second message said that Beloved had gotten her to ask someone for a ride but she still couldn’t get one. I guess the boys didn’t have a match or something. So Beloved was put out because he’d have to leave work to pick her up from school and take her to the bowling alley and he’d have to leave work at 1:30 or so. He probably could have left at 2 but whatever.

I was a little ticked off at this point. I was hungry, sweaty and a bit worried what the scan was going to show and no one seemed willing to put themselves out to help me. So, I made the decision to head to the lab (I changed my clothes first but didn’t get a chance to bathe and wash my hair!) to see if they could take me early.

They did and the tech said she was glad I was there early as they needed to figure out how to fit someone else in my 1:30 time slot. The test itself took probably five or ten minutes but I had to wait a bit as the radiologist was at lunch and they had to check with him about the dye they needed to use, given all my “special” medical needs.

I was able to get home after the test and eat my salad in time to run out and pick up the Girl. I called Beloved to tell him I was home and he asked me if I wanted him to go to the financial aid thing without me since it was on campus practically within walking distance of his office and that way I would have to try to rush over therre, given I didn’t know where I was going and he was already there!

It turned out great as we didn’t get home from the bowling match until about 5:45 and the financial aid thing started at 6!